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history white death by tim vickery read by Richard Mitchell II

white death by tim vickery read by Richard Mitchell II 

  the woman in front of the prison the prison was a big dirty building in the biggest town  of a hot country the woman was very hot and she did not like the noise from all the cars in the road she was an English woman and she did not like hot countries or a lot of noise she was tall about fifty years old with blue eyes and a long face her face was red and she looked tired and angry she knocked at the door of the prison for a long time nothing happened then a little window opened in the door and a man looked out at her yes what do you want I want to see my daughter it's very important name Anna Harland is that your name or your daughter's name it's my name my daughter's name is sarah harland you can't visit her today come back on Wednesday no I came from England to see her today it's very important she's going to court tomorrow please take me to her now wait a minute the little wind closed but t…